Euronet 6.2W Gold Series Solar Inverter




Pure sinewave solar inverter.
Output power factor 1.0
WiFI & GPRS available for iOS and Android.
Built-in MPPT solar charger.
High PV input voltage range.
Built-in anti-dusk kit for harsh environment.
Compatible with lithium battery.
Inverter running without battery.
One-click restoration to factory settings.

PV Input :-
Nominal Operating Voltage : 360VDC
Vmax PV : 500VDC
PV Input Voltage Range : 90~ 450 VDC
Imax PV : 27A
Full load MPPT Range : 240~ 450 VDC
Rated Power : 6500W
Maximum Solar Charging Current : 120A

Grid/AC Output :-
Nominal Output Voltage : 220/230/240 VAC
Feed -in Grid Voltage Range : 195 ~ 253 VAC

AC Input :-
Nominal Operating Voltage : 230 VAC
Maximum input Current : 40A
Surge Power : 12400VA

Battery :-
Batery Voltage Range : 40~ 63 VDC
Maximum battery current : 125A

6 Months Manufacture Warranty


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